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15 Oct 2003
I have a sister who lives in Chiba-ken and we normally call each other once in while. We are planning to have a sibling reunion next month and when we tried to call her a couple of days ago, we just found out that she was arrested for drugs.

What is very upsetting for us is that her husband did not call us when it happened TWO WEEKS ago. We wouldn't have found out if we had not called at all.

She's been having a marital problem and so I am not sure if she really is in jail or not. The thought that perhaps she's six feet under comes across our mind.

Her husband told us that no one can make contact with her for one full month and she will be in jail until January of 2004.

I would like to ask for your help and let us know if this is a common procedure. How can we find out if she really is in Tokyo jail? Do you have any suggestions on what can we do to help her?

On behalf of my mom and four other siblings, thank you for your help.

M.J. Bogart
San Diego, California USA
HP: 858-618-1310
a month sounds about sop for them over there (i remember reading about something like this in my pre-trip prep)
try this link...
wishing the best of luck... hth
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