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Please Help!

Mike W

10 Sep 2003
Hi Everybody, hope your all well.

I've joined this forum for some guidance please.

I wish to have a Tattoo of my partners name in Japanese/Kanji writing.

I have done many searches on the net but can't find a site to help.

My partners name is 'Joanne'

Please could someone help me.

Thanks you

Just watch out you are making something that is not really off the wall. You see things in English in Japan all the time that provide hours of entertainment for native speakers (and even some web sites). Nothing you make will be 100% common usage and native Japanese speakers will probably ask you what it means. Just look out you don't put characters together that mean something like "explosive old man pizza." Good luck.
I hope you never break up with this girl, I know several people walking around with their ex's name tattooed on them.
Hi all

Thank you for the replies, it is greatly appreciated and you solved my problem.

I wish you all health and happiness.

Kind regards

Mike Watkins
Reminds me of a friends boyfriend who tattoed her name phonetically in kanji on his arm - to a Japanese who reads it, it means "always drinking".......
There are actually 9-10 kanji you could use for "Joan" that are much closer than "yuuga" but unfortunately nothing directly for "Joanne."
well you could try to find kanji with a similar meaning as joanne or just use katakana.

Sorry to sound stupid but what is Katakana?

Could someone please show me 'Joanne' in this language?


katakana is a phonetical japanese alphabet used for foreign words, a name would be in that catergory. theres also hiragana which is for is same but used for japanese words. alas, i cant type japanese on this computer but im sure someone else will help with that.
Thank you Elizabeth and Jeisan

Your very kind as most seem to be on this forum.

Kind Regards

Mike Watkins
Yes, I know you didn't write it yourself....I just think it should be more horizontal and the little line pointed out a little more. You also need the "ji" marks on "shi" btw ;).
I have that font, its hard to find the kana I want on it, had to make my own character map for the keyboard inputs and that didn't even do the hiragana that are in it.
I work with this documents : for kana I copy-paste, for kanji you need the nelson number after what the kanjittf.txt give you the number of kanji in kanji.doc.


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Hi Guys

Glad I prompted some meaningful discussion.

This is all a little over my head.

Are you now ageed on what 'Joanne' should look like?

I really don't want to tattoo something inaccurate on myself.

Your help is appreciated.

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