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16 Aug 2003
Hi .

I am working with an MLM company that just has opened for registration in Japan . It has the potential to be bigger then amway and herbalife.

Where would it be proper for me to post the opportunity to others or come in contact with interested parties in Japan.

Bjorn (wgibf)
MLM is :

Hi there.

MLM is short for multi level marketing.Also some call it networkmarketing . Anyone can build a downline of customers or distributors and earn income from sales in his organisation.
Not to be mistaken as pyramid scam or scheme where the only income comes from enrolling others.

MLM is a huge market in Japan but every page I find is written in Japanese only.

Thanks and Regards.

Bjorn (wgibf)
Wgibf, thnx for posting your question first. As it stands, the forum guidelines generally frown on self-promotion or advertising. At the moment we do not have any specific forums for such things but I do know that the matter was brought up before re: such an issue. Thnx for your understanding.
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