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Please help with translation!


3 Oct 2003

I hope there is somebody who could help me with the translation of this expression:
"Sumimasen, onegai shimasu, kedo..."
and "Dakishimetai no ni..."

Thank You!
I believe the first is a polite way of accepting a favor or an affirmative response to an offer.....("I'm sorry.....but yes, please.....).

The second I think is "Although I would like to hug you...."
I'd say:

"Excuse me, I have a favor to ask..."


"I wanna hug you but...(I can't)"

This one depends on context as to what comes after the "but"
thanks for saying thanks! although all one did was rewrite what someone else said :p
Actually I don't think "sumimasen, onegai shimasu kedo" is a valid phrase, or at least one I've never heard or used. Asking a favor is normally more like "chotto/sumimasenga, onegai ga arimasu;" please is just "onegai shimasu;" while requesting information would be "nani nani wo onegai itashimasu" or some variation thereof. Where did you get this one ?
OK--you'll have to deduce her intentions by whatever happened next, then. Context matters a lot in these things. If a person just said "Onegai shimasu" out of the blue it sounds like an emergency -- please help me or I'm in trouble or something.
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