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Please help with the motivation letter !

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Baktash Hamidi

1 Aug 2018
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Dear all,

I obtained my master's degree in transport engineering from Hiroshima university Japan in September 2017 ,where the medium of instruction was English. I stayed in Japan for a period of three years , and left Japan in September 2017. Alongside my master studies, I also studied Japanese and I successfully passed JLPT-N4 test in December 2016.

Now, I have decided to go back to Japan , and my main goal is to work and live in Japan. To achieve this, firstly, I need to go to Japan via a language school , and study Japanese for a period of two years. During this time, I would be aiming to pass at least JLPT-N2 to secure a full time job. As a plan B , I am also thinking to apply for a PhD. program in transport engineering( in Japanese language) once I finish the language school in Japan ; this is in case I do not find a full time job after finishing the language school. I have shortlisted two language schools namely YMCA Hiroshima and FFLC Fukuoka. These schools require me to write a motivation letter to get the certificate of eligibility , and one of them has mentioned " We recommend you not to write in the motivation letter that the reason you want to study Japanese is“to get a job in Japan or “to live in Japan” to avoid the strict investigation by the immigration."

I am thinking to write the reasons why I want to study Japanese in Japan as the following :

I am interested to study Japanese at X language school because after finishing this school, I would like to get enrolled into a PhD in transport engineering of X university where the language of instruction is Japanese. By doing this, my marketability in the job market would be further improved . This is because there are a number of Japanese companies such as X, and X1 in the country of residence Turkey, and having a PhD degree from Japan, and knowing Japanese would be a big factor in order to secure a job. In addition, very few people understand Japanese in my homeland Afghanistan, and understanding Japanese will certainly open many doors of opportunity there as well.Ultimately, I will always be connected with Japanese people and culture . ( Please help me with this , is this reason fine enough? )

Sorry for writing this long. I will be looking forward to your help and guidance . Thank you !

Best regards,
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