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Please help: site issues


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
My creativity completely fails me today, so I'd appreciate some assistance, lol. I need a subject for new monthly poll (displayed on our index page): one juicy question about Japan, four optional answers. I completely ran out of ideas...


Second issue: a member asked me whether we could open a new forum section for penpals. What do you think about that? Of course such a forum would also be open to guest visitors.

Hey, thanks for any help!
Where do you think Japan is located?

- North from here
- East from here
- South from here
- West from here

Sorry, it's friday afternoon...
I'll try think of something better.
@ poll
I'm always brain dead so don't worry :eek:

@ penpal
I've thought about this for a bit before. You're better off running DBMan or dadabik than using the forums.

hmm, but then maybe some of the penpal hunters might float over into the forums too ... but then again probably not. Ouch this is tough.

@ creativity
That way you won't spoil the image of your site.
Here's another idea:

Nihon is:

- That beer that I haven't tried yet.
- A type of rice!
- I'm too embarassed to say it.
- Hmm... Japan?

Hope it helps. I'm being a bit silly but I like humorous websites.

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