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Please help me!


15 Mar 2002
I am a mangaka from Germany, and I would like to add
some japanese characters to the title of the comic:
"RIVALRY" I already did, but I'm not sure, if it's
right! (See at Rivalry

I need the word "RIvalry" (Soukoku?) in katakana-
characters. Please, can someone help me out?
It's very important for me!

Make sure you find out the original title. "Soukoku" is not used in daily language, it became more of a literary term. Rivalry itself can be translated as follows (if you use IE make sure to reload the page with Japanese encodings turned on):
【名】 競争{きょうそう}、競争意識{きょうそう いしき}、張り合うこと、対抗{たいこう}、対立関係
rivalry against
rivalry among reporters
報道合戦{ほうどう がっせん}
rivalry between factions
rivalry between the two powers
rivalry in a competitive entrance exam to enter a prestigious kindergarten
有名幼稚園入学{ゆうめい ようちえん にゅうがく}をめぐってのお受験競争{じゅけん きょうそう}
rivalry in a competitive entrance examination to enter a prestigious kindergarten
有名幼稚園入学{ゆうめい ようちえん にゅうがく}をめぐってのお受験競争{じゅけん きょうそう}
rivalry in love
恋の鞘当て{さや� て}
rivalry over territory
Rivalry with best friend // Rivalry with one's best friend
rivalry within the Church
教会内{きょうかい ない}の抗争{こうそう}
Besides, if you use the word "soukoku" in katakana, it is difficult to grasp the word's meaning.
I have just read the story on your web site, it's very impressive! ;)

Below you find a graphic displaying the word "soukoku" in different sets of katakana. Hope this helps. And good luck with "Rivalry"!


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Thank you very much!

After you've read the comic you saw it's only for
Layoutreasons, but important though.

You helped me a lot! :p :chinese:
Hmmm you might try.

competitive spirit, spirit of rivalry
負けん気 [まけんき]

nice site, did draw the top logo your self?

I like Hobbes like Tiger too :D
Konnichiwa Momo-san!

Soukoku means rivalry. It is 相克 in Japanese. I think that you can understand meaning from Kanji.
Sou means another one. Koku means win.

Arigatou, NANGI-san! ;)
Now I am real Japanese! hehe
I had never seen the kanji "相克" in my life.
Cool! I learned a new kanji today ... ^^;
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