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Please help me to identify this tv series


2 May 2003
Hi all,

back in the late 80's I've been addicted to a TV series,
which was in my language version (czech) named as
"Goro, the white dog" (Goro, bily pes).

It was a series about a girl (aged about 12) and her white
dog, named Goro, it was made in Japan and it was not
an anime. Unfortunately, I don't remember
anything more about it anymore.

Recently, I wanted to find out something more about this series.
However, this series is not known under that name anywhere
else in the world, so I am looking for its original name.

I would be really happy if you could help me,
and I thank you all in advance for your replies.


Konnichiwa Taichi-san!
Welcome and Hajimemashite! Yoroshiku ne. 🙂

The name of that TV program is "Ougon no Inu" in Japan. "Ougon no Inu" means "Golden dog" in English. This TV program has nine volumes.
But I think that this TV program is not in DVD and Videotape.:eek:

Hi everybody,
I still haven't found the title song of this tv serial. Have you ever found it? Please tell me where. Me and my friends will be grateful and very very happy. We often remember this old serial, it was one of the most popular "west" programme for children, which we could see in our (cenzured) tv in 1980s. Nowadays, we still write to our TV to play this serial again, but they say that nobody loved it.
Please sorry my English, I've been studying it for little time.
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