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Please help me to identify this movie


18 Mar 2003
I am trying to identify a somewhat older movie about a samuari and his son. In the movie the Samuari is traveling with his infant child, and he meets some pretty mean characters along the way. It is a pretty gory movie, and I would love to just find the name of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am sorry for the vague description.

Hmm... any other info you can provide? Black and white, color? Do any famous names come to mind who may have been involved with the film (actors, director, etc.)? The theme you described doesn't stand out in my mind as anything out of the usual samurai fare although I could be mistaken (and I certainly haven't seen all of the older movies). Although, I must admit I do recall some black and white movie about a samurai who had his infant child strapped to his back while he fought? Might be the same movie, not sure. Chances are though if it's older and gory it might have well starred the legendary Toshiro Mifune in it. Try the following link as it provides a complete filmography for pretty much every film he was involved in. It may or may not be of use to you. Hope that helps.

You are thinking of Kozure Ookami (Lone wolf and cub, as they transcribe it in English), dealing with an executioner of a Clan that is double-crossed, his wife slain by the evil clan leader, and now he must cross many different factions to survive, with a bounty on his head, and his former clan always hunting him down...pretty violent, in both manga and film... :p

I believe that the movies are out on video now.... :D
also nicknamed Babycart from Hell series...because of the metallic babycart to avoid gunfire...with the handles that unsheathes blades... :O
"Babycart from Hell"? Heheh, now there's a fear-inspiring title if ever I heard one 8-p
YEs that is it I believe. I distinctly remember the baby cart! THe father rips the handle offf which is actually a sword, and blades extend of the wheels and proceed to slice some ninja knee caps. Thanks to all of you.
Itto Ogami and Daigoro. Recently reinvented in both the graphic novel and film versions of The Road to Perdition (Mike O'Sullivan and Mike Sullivan respectively).

For a manga about the bond between father and son, you'd think Itto could have given his boy a less embarrassing hairdo. . .
Actually after a little bit of investigation I believe the earlier post was right. It would seem to be a Lone Wolf and Cub movie. I have ordered L&C: Sword of Vengence. I hope this is it. Thanks to all of you who helped.
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