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please help me is urgentツ。ツ。ツ。ツ。ツ。ツ。


16 Mar 2004
hello everybody i am from spain and for the birthday of my girlfriend minami i want to buy her a cloth of moi meme moitie , this clothes are on sale only in japan , i need an angelical person to buy it . please it is important for me.

thank you very much

Are you going to buy a MmM dress to your girlfriend for her birthday? 😲
Dresses in Japan are *very* expensives, specially the Moi mテェme Moitiテゥ ones, but I think you actually have checked the official MmM webpage, didn't you?
In any case: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/moi-meme-moitie/

I didn't live in Japan so I can't help you, but I wish you luck! and if you really will buy your grilfriend a MmM dress, she will be like... the luckiest western girl :D

bye bye 🙂
Crescent Trading will buy anything you want for you, for a fee. I'm kinda in a rush and can't find the website right now, but if you Google it you should come up with something to help you~

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