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Please help me find two certain One piece fanart images


13 Jun 2018
Both are sort of (one piece) the anime, themed

The first is an image of Luffy, Kid and Law. They're standing in that order with their backsides showing. They're wearing shirts but no pants, they're obviously comparing their butts. And under Luffy it says "bubble butt" . Under Kid it says muscle butt" and under Law it says "no butt". Also, Law is yanking his shirt down to cover his butt and he's looking embarrassed whilst Kid and Luffy are enjoying themselves. That's number one. PLEASE do not judge! The first time I saw this image was on Facebook a few years ago.

The second, is an image of Luffy Sabo and Ace. The image consist of three vertical squares. In the first Sabo is proudly showing Ace and Luffy something and they looks shocked, even scared, at the things size. Then Ace proudly shows something and receives an identical response from Luffy and Sabo. And lastly Luffy proudly show something and Ace and Sabo look horrified at the size. OBVIOUSLY, they're compairing their dicks. But we never get to see their dicks, just their reactions to each other.

No one speaks in any of the images. I've described them just as I remeber and if I could draw myself (I can't) I'd just post my remakes on google in hopes of finding it. Cause a description of the image doesn't work on google.
Anyways, if anyone has either of these images, or both, or knows where to find them please please please tell me. I'm so frustrated over this, I'm going out of my mind.

I am not some troll and please only serious and sincere answers. I would not appreciate answers like "Hell if I know, per" or "No idea bro". (No offense to anyone).

Thank you
I said, "I think it must be fanart" but then I realized that you already knew that. :) So sorry, I don't have any leads for you.
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