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Please help - Living in Japan


4 Nov 2003

There might be an opportunity for me to live in Japan for a year, it came out of nowhere. I think there are couple of options in regard to area preference. Can you please suggest some good areas in Japan?

I am a 30 yr old bloke, I like clubbing, going out and all the stuff, but I also like peace, and pensive, traditional side of Japan.
I know Tokyo is a mad house, and quite expensive, but what about the other parts?

Thank you

first you need to decide or have decided for you where you are going to live...ie, are you going to be living in a home stay situation (not likely, unless somebody is going to be a very generous person), living in a company/school sponsored housing (possible, but again unlikely), or living in your own apartment (most likely).
If the first two options are available, then you are lucky, and chances are the rent will also be low, or lower than living on your own in an apartment.
If the latter, then you must decide what is more important for you: convenience vs. comfortability.
Consider that the closer you live to a train station the more expensive your rent shall be, that is the price of convenience. If you live out in the stix, away from the modern convenience of easy transportation access, then you will pay less. Also, if you are away from major population areas, then you will pay less. So, first you must decide what it is that you can tolerate for the year that you are there.
Also consider the area you will live....peace and quiet means away from busy streets, but it's also good to look into what the neighborhood is like during the weekends, or late nights, when drunk salarymen are singing in the karaoke bars next door, or the bosozoku (motorcycle gangs) rev up their choppers and make annoying circles in the street, trying to emulate crop circles...
Finally, consider what you will get paid and how much of that will go into your residential dwelling...also consider food, drink, entertainment, and other things as you price things out. If you're a picky eater, then consider also how much you'll spend for not eating like the natives...

just a few points....

And while you're still in Jolly Ol' England, find out from your japanese contacts where you will be, if you can, and find out something about the area, if you can....

that's my two yen's worth.... :D

good luck!
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