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Please help a stupid person


16 Nov 2003
i need help with a translation!
Watashi wa Niho-jin desu. Watakushi wa ichiban ni sunde imasu.

asap please! someone started talking to me and I don't know how to reply!!!:cry: :confused:
Watashi wa nihon-jin desu.
I am a Japanese person.

Watakushi wa ichiban ni sunde imasu
I live in number one
(sorry but this sentence doesn't make sense or isn't correct)

I'm guessing you're talking a non-japanese person? Either that or it's a female Japanese person (watakushi) who is talking oddly and for some reason using Romaji.
*lol* Was that a direct copy-paste? Did the person really enter "Niho-jin"?
It's odd enough the person uses Watashi and then Watakushi right after.
Just a couple of additions: "Ichiban ni sunde imasu" is most likely the last part of an address and "watakushi" can be used freely by both sexes in formal situations.
Something like:
Japanese person? Your Japanese is a little strange.

I don't know what's with the ~n in the end...
It's likely just a contraction for "nan" (an emphatic interjection) giving it a little more the sense of "your Japanese really is a little strange...."
If you're asking within the bounds of normal conversational I suppose "watashi no nihongo wa wakaru koto ga dekimasuka?" (Can my Japanese be understood?) comes the closest, but even so you rarely hear it phrased so directly. It's not the speakers fault, though, more that the Japanese are just odd in this respect to begin with. And you are hundreds of times more likely to be deluged with compliments on how good your Japanese is in the beginning when it really isn't than if you became serious about being good -- so try not to take those to heart either. :confused:
ok ummm well here's another copy-paste:
wakaru sa. saikin nihongo hanashite inai kedo. wakai toki pera pera shabette ita yo.
Certainly I understand. Although I haven't spoken Japanese recently, when I was young I tell you I spoke fluently.
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