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Please find my father


11 Aug 2015
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Good day JREF,

This is Kendhal Absulio and Im from the philippines.

Im very thirsty to find my real father named Masahiko Sato, since I was born here in manila I didnt see my father only in pictures and my mother told me forget about my father Masahiko Sato, i didnt listen to her because I want to meet my real father and I want to be with him because he is my real father. I just found that my father is a singer and and manager in a bar, I dont know what exactly what building or.

Im already 26 years old and I have no support in my parents Im not a college degree finisher and Im only finished high school here in the philippines. Im so depressed and thirst i want to meet my real Father and if possible I would choose to live with my father Masahiko Sato. My mother is a singer to since i was born. My aunt told me when I was 3,4,5,6,7 years old my father is supporting me, then before my mom go here in the philippines everybody was shocked because the support was already stop. they said my mom told to my father to stop supporting me, then i have no idea if my father is still and have a concern to have me or to meet me..

Boss of JREF and staff,

Can you help me to find my father Masahiko Sato? I have pictures of my father together with my step sister Aya Sato..

Thank you very much.


Masahiko Sato and Aya Sato

(C) my mom

Year 1988 picture my mom and my Father Masahiko Sato
I was born december 31,1988


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3 Aug 2015
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Good luck in your quest to find your father. I wish I could be of some help, although saying that, I think using Facebook would be the easiest way to find him. I wish you all the best.
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