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please allow me to introduce myself


26 Aug 2003
hello, i have learned japanese and im able to read some manga and watch some anime but recently i got interested in japanese religion and mythology and would like to learn more about literature and the arts as well...ニ弾ニ達s窶堙凪?堋ァ窶堙ゥkm-*hehe*-sorry-i mean- this forum is great and im looking forward to exchange opinions and information w all of you-...

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well,well,well-what a pitty japanese text doesnt seem to work here...窶愿コ窶怒ナ津ェ窶堙??堙?窶佚・ツ湘、窶「v窶ーツス窶堙娯?堋ゥツ。ツ。ツ。
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Konnichiwa Jigen-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and learning Japanese.🙂

hey-nangi san you are very hayai to reply- thank you for the nice welcome...
Hi jigen, welcome aboard! You'll be able to view Japanese text if you set your browser's encoding to Japanese. Our nihongo subsection allows you to post Japanese without further ado.

thanks thomas, old thing...now only for the emoticons...ok got it- :p
Hi and welcome Jigen ! 🙂




Enjoy yourslef on the forum !

窶堋「窶堋「窶堙遺?愬停?ケナセ窶堙??「テゥ窶堙ァ窶堋オ窶堙??堋「窶堙?..窶斗窶堙坂?堙?窶堋、窶ケツ焦ステー窶ーツョ窶堋ェ窶堙遺?堋ュ窶堙?債「窶堙ゥ窶堙ア窶堙??堋キ窶堙ヲ窶堙?haha* well im looking forward to going to japan again- but until then i want to learn a bit more on the cultural aspect...good to hear from you, anyway...perhaps well meet in tokio someday...btw are you italian or is it lupin-no- babylon (窶ーツゥ窶ケテ?)densetsu...?
Originally posted by thomas
Hi jigen, welcome aboard! You'll be able to view Japanese text if you set your browser's encoding to Japanese.
how do i do that?
never mind i figuerd it out
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i learned japanese through the aid of manga and anime-thats why i could say things like "your excellency! we are about to attack the enemy on the left flank" before i could converse properly, i knew words like pope (窶邸窶ーツ、) eunuch (窶コツ??ツッ) or submarine (ツ静カツ絶?ヲナ?テ?before i could speak a coherent sentence...so it has its disadvantages as well as you can see...

btw did i tell you how i learned english through rap songs?-well i guess thats to be disclosed at a different forum though...
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lol! you sure learn languages weirdly! ^_~ haha, just jk! That's pretty interesting though. And welcome to the boards! I'm kinda a newbie myself. =D
jigen, how did you lear from your mangas? did you just pick one up and a dictionary and start to translate it?
yo what up- Carolgirl00..

you know, i was speaking in quite a general fashion-of course i took an academic language course as well-but that alone takes you(well at least me) nowhere-the first thing i want to do when learning a language is to be able to talk-

so i learn languges best 1)through ppl- i befriended some patient japanese and got on their nerves w my unrefined skills and 2)through interests- i just liked the manga drawing style- plus once i was able to at least read the two alphabets i could read=pronounce all the words(furigana) and learned some kanji, too...

my recommendations for beginners are these( but that doesnt mean that even native speakers wouldnt enjoy them,too):dragonball(the manga):nice drawing and a story thats entertaining and easy to follow..., and maison ikkoku (the anime-series) much fun, and great for learning the normal everyday phrases and the polite greetings etc ,and where to use (and misuse and also ab-use) them...

i never took a dictionary and started to translate it properly but i eventually looked up the recurring kanji or phrases-and translated only those sentences or passages vital to the story or those that seemed of special interest to me (sometimes i was motivated by those japanese friends i had-namely by the urge to shock them w idiotic or strange expressions (see above)...

of course this was only my method-everybodys a different type-eg i now really envy ppl who can read the kanbun texts and know a great deal about the arts religion and mythology-but im getting there cause interests shift and so have mine...
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