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Playing Imports


23 Oct 2003
I hate waiting for games to be exported, so I wonder if I can play imports with my ps2 since I broke off the lid where the cd goes to switch disk without it knowing. Would this work with imports?
This trick did work with the PS1, but i'm not sure about the PS2.

A mod-chip is a far safer bet to accomplish that. There's a lot of different mod-chips going around though. If you get the wrong one, you might not be able to play DVD's of every region, so i would be a good idea to read up on this subject, before you buy one.
My ps2 doesn't have a mod chip but some sort of DVD where you put it in then switch with a backup.

I'll try to find the store where I bought it for info.
Speaking of mod chips, if someone would bring a ps2 to Japan with a mod chip and backups is this ok? Or if the police find out, your in ****.
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