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Play UO with your cell phone!


30 Mar 2003

Lol, this sounds interesting, although I can't see how a Java application would stand 50,000 newbies screaming at the same time in front of the Bank of Britain.:D

Anyway, do you still play UO? Which shard?

I gave up playing it a couple of years ago. Now, I'm slowly returning to this damn addictive game.
Never got into it, although many of my old friends from my undergrad days did. I loathe paying online subscription fees for a MMORPG nowadays. That's the grand daddy of online rpg's though considering for how long it's been out and the size of it's playerbase. I can even remember when people were paying real money for accounts that were rich with gold and had prime real estate. Not sure if that's still the case.

EQ could probably be considered it's natural successor in the last few years but I suspect the new SW: Galaxies set in the Star Wars Universe will probably overtake them both when it's finally released in May. Should be interesting to see how the MMORPG market evolves over the next few years.

Keep an eye out for City of Heroes btw, looks really promising and is set in a Gotham City/Metropolis like environ where every player has the ability to custom create their own super-hero (or possibly villain, not sure atm) complete with hundreds of upgradeable powers and completely unique avatars.
Slightly off-topic tout for cool MMORPG
Nexon Dark Ages!
Ten bucks a month, 600 players max online at once, strong heavy-RPing core (there are religious, political, and legal systems that are taken very seriously), cute sprites, and best of all:
very heavily influenced by Nintendo RPGs,
😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
(especially FF)

My monk char (wearing penta armor, which looks like rat costume) with a rat in a dungeon
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