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Planning a trip to Japan!!


12 Mar 2003
Hi everybody! I'm planning a trip to Japan soon, I'm expecting a big cash flow in the next few months, so I want to realise a long life dream, to at least, visit Japan for a month!

The question is, beside plan ticket and Japan Railway pass (Wich I will get before getting there) How much money should I bring? I've been looking for small term accomodation, like Ryokan or Weekly Mansion, some even have other travelers from all over the world staying there, that could be fun.
Yeah, so the main question is, how much money should I bring for living 1 month, traveling (should'nt be a problem with the jr pass) and hang out at the arcades, sightseing and stuff like that.
I was thinking around 2k (Canadian), but since I've never been to Japan I don't want to be at the other side of the world without my mommy to take care of me, or a lack of money you know..

Ho, and I plan on moving around a lot, so maybe I should get one night accomodation??

And I'm not planning on always staying in Major cities, I like the peace of the country side.

I also want to taste various food while I'm there 🍜

Also, I want to see lots of great cars!

Anyway, it would be interesting to hear from you, and if any people have ever travelled to Japan and know of some great, less-expensive, ryokan or weekly mansion, fill me in please!

First of all, gratz on deciding to take an extended trip to Japan as i'm sure you won't be dissapointed, especially if it's your first time. I noticed you didn't really mention any specific areas and to be quite honest, depending on where you are planning on staying and what activities you're wanting to do while there will really determine what kind of budget you're looking at.

You mentioned taking with you around 2K Canadian and this sounds pretty good but then again it really depends on your travelling tastes. I assume you are travelling alone? If so then I highly recommend you try and familiarize yourself beforehand with some of the many places you may be interested in sightseeing. Sounds to me like you have a really open-ended itinerary at this point and that's a good thing. On the other hand, in order to really maximize your time abroad and get the most out of your trip it's always a good idea to formulate some sort of travel plan beforehand and set your agenda early while allowing yourself enough leeway to adjust as necessary for unexpected variables (inclement weather, etc.).

As a general rule of thumb, if you're planning on being pretty mobile (and it sounds like you are), it's always a good idea to travel lightly so as not to be inconvenienced with having to deal with the whole "pack, unpack, repack, etc." as this can really cut into your leisure time. In addition, you probably want to hold off on purchasing too many souvenirs that might further hinder your travel plans except for that last stretch of your trip before heading home.

As far as eating out, you may find that after your lodging and accomodation expenses dining out may be your second highest expenditure. Again, this really depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. As with the souvenirs, I would hold off on some of the nicer establishments until you're closer to returning as you'll have a better idea of your budget (or what's left rather) and whether or not you can afford to splurge here and there. There are definitely more than a few places that are really worth it despite the high price per person and if you want a true culinary experience then allow yourself to indulge in at least a couple of these establishments. Generally speaking though, you will find that food tends to be pretty affordable wherever you go and besides, some of the best spots are little "mom and pop" joints that tend to be out of the way but favored by locals.

I guess that's all for now heh. If I come up with any more travelling tips that I think you may benefit from i'll definitely post them. At any rate, it's great to see more people not afraid to travel abroad and get out and try new things now and then. I know that you'll have a blast in the land of the rising sun and i'm jealous I can't go with you lol 8-p
have fun...will try to think of some places to visit, but now too braindead to even think...
yes, Den4s do sometimes think, but that doesn't guarantee that I know anything... :D

Hey I want to thank Iron Chief for all the usefull information.
True I haven't planned an itinery, wich I really should do before getting there. This way I could pull the most fun out of my trip to the land of the rising sun (I like that) So coming this week I'll try to hook up some information on places to see.

Ho, btw - Is there any usefull websites beside the Japan Faq know before you go thingy?
That would help out a lot too!

Thanks! Ja-ne!
Re: Great!

How much money should I bring?
$1000 per day should be plenty. :cool: AskTog: Japan 1Sticker Shock

Seriously, though, 2K and a credit card should get you through though it may be a little tight. It depends on how expensive your lodging ends up. Youth hostels run about Y2500/night. Cheap hotels and inns run Y5000. Cheaper business hotels run close to Y10,000. Expect to spend a minimum of Y500 per fast-food-type meal. For a restaurant expect Y1000 to Y2000. (For nicer restaurants the sky's the limit.). Expect maybe Y1000 to Y2000 per day for incidental expenses such as transportation your rail pass doesn't cover, admission fees into temples or museums, etc.

Ho, btw - Is there any usefull websites beside the Japan Faq know before you go thingy?

I would recommend taking a look at the following for starters.
For lodging take a look at the Welcome Inns
一般財団法人 国際観光サービスセンター ITCJ - ホーム
For cheaper lodging try youth hostels. I don't have a web site handy.
Yeah, well so far Youth Hostel seem to be the right thing for me, I mean they're inexpensive (Compared to everything else) and you can meet interesting people in there! 😄

Damn.. temple admission fee ? That's a total rip-off! You don't have this in any of christian's church or such! Ho well..

And for my equipement I plan on having a backpack(clothes, and such), my camcorder and camera. I want to stay as light as I can, and Youth Hostels offers washing machine so I can do my laundry (Well most do at least).

Woah this is gonna be great!

And plane ticket runs at 1048$ canadian.. that's not bad, considering it's a long way from home

Thanks again everyone! :giggle:
Wow, good price indeed on that airfare. Sounds like your plan to backpack and travel light are a good idea. Keep us updated on the progress of your travel plans the closer you get to your departure. :cool:
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