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Pit Bull attack!

nice gaijin

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8 Aug 2005
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You would think that after four attacks (three dogs and one human) the dog would be removed from its owners custody. This is unbelievable.

These people should not be allowed to keep ANY animal they are unable to properly handle, and they've proven beyond any doubt that they are unfit owners.


10 Aug 2006
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It's been crazy. The dog has been loose now 2 more times. I have called the sheriff each time. The owners just get tickets for " dogs at large ". We now carry pepper spray, the kind that is legal in Wisconsin, and a billy club. It's so sad that we have to worry about our safety. The dog was harassing the elementary kids at the school bus stop and I went and chased it away. The next time it's getting pepper sprayed. The sheriff said I have the legal right to shoot the dog if threatened since it's attacked already, but I don't see why that should fall on my shoulders. It seems that no one wants to do anything. It is frightening because I think these owners are into dog fighting or drugs and they used a racial slur against my husband. It is truly frightening, the dog and it's owners. They know where we live.
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