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Pink Lady


15 Apr 2002

It's actually said as "you" "pho" (pho as in phone)

ta ta tatatan ta ta tatatan you-pho

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Actually ... yeah.

I've already given the name and rthym (well I'm not the best for rthyms so please bear with me).

Twisted. I thought you'd know this one ;)

hehe ... Nahoko will for sure.
Isn't that a song by "Pink Lady"? I don't know why, but I have a mp3 version of it, hehe.
No idea, hehe. Just checked my playlist, I have "Ufo", "Pink Typhoon" and "Wanted", probably I've collected them during my Napster period.
Pink Lady.... J-disco at its best


They're somehow a Japanese version of Baccara.

I've just downloaded some Pink Lady tracks...

Err, must have been really something 20 years ago.
Can't imagine why anyone would listen to it in this time of day, though.
Hey, UFO kicks ***. It's definitely a need to know song and dance. Puts you in a special place in people's hearts between 25 and 65.

My wife grew up with them; all their goods including a pair of Pink Lady rainboots.

Besides, they're still babes even today.
I grew up with Abba, BoneyM and Baccara too, so the 70s bring back treasured memories...
lol those two poor fella's, and they could'nt sing a note,:sing: did you like this band twisted?,

@ ufo,, I thought it was "unidentified flying objects" for some strange reason lol,
there was also that 'instant yakisoba' called UFO, do you guys remember? damn, it tasted so good!
Milli Vanilli was quite good. After all, they had the same producer as Boney M.
When the public found out they didn't sing themselves, they suddenly didn't like the music anymore. Such hypocrisy!
These things still happen though, but not as obviously as with Milli Vanilli.
I sort of liked them. They just weren't too popular were I grew up.

70's were KISS, Bay City Rollers, Rod Stewart and Queen for me.

@ yakisoba
Yeah, it was pretty good.

@ ufo
hmm, yeah, well, they were that "Unidentified flying Objects"
@ twisted, I think I wrote my post on a negative note sorry🙂
I actually liked Milli Vanilli, they sung "girl you know it's true" (please tell me I've got the right song, my memory?) They were two guys with long hair and danced in tandem. I was really taken back by the coat and jackets, one of them was pretty cute,🙂
when it was revealed that they did not sing the songs but looked good, we were all shocked, including my Mum lol.

@Queen, an all-time favourite of mine and still is,
@Rod Stewart, Hmmm I enjoyed a lot of his music

"Meatloaf" has anyone ever heard of them? This is the music That I listened to the most, love them:)
@Milli Vanilli
Yeah, debs, that's the right song. Aside from that one there was also "Don't forget my number", "Blame it on the rain", "Girl, i'm gonna miss you" and a few more, i think.

"Paradise by the dashboardlight", "You took the words right out of my mouth". Who doesn't remember those?
He's also an actor. You could see him alongside Brad Pitt in the brilliant movie "Snatch".
@ twisted and Olivia, "you old romantics lol" just like me! haha, when I was in my teens I wore a denim jacket with a large meatloaf patch on the back, and I would not allow my mum to wash it (hehe), my friends wore "Black sabbath" and "Iron Maiden" ect, but "Meatloaf" was my band of the time lol. "Snatch?" hmmm I'll have to investigate that movie, thanks for the info Twisted.
As for those song titles by Milli Vanilli, "I remember them all now haha" takes me back a bit lol,🙂
haha, yeah, It's like that we all listened to those tunes.

MeatLoaf had a big come back in Japan when their song was a theme song for a drama. But, I believe that name was "IF" of their song.
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