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pigs and swines


15 Nov 2002
cute pigs

sick swines

another sick pig:
One of them will be sent to the happy hunting-grounds...

=> japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=2&id=242296
One more on pigs, real pigs. 🙂:

Reported by the Animal News Center:

Japanese Turning Pigs into Pets

Depressed by rising unemployment and an uncertain future, more and more Japanese are turning to an unlikely source of solace: miniature pigs. The latest boom on the Japanese pet scene, the tiny porkers are adored for their sweet nature and portly shapes.

"They're really comforting and round and anything that comforts people is very popular in Japan right now," said Emi Ito, who works at Saiboku Livestock Farm Corp in Saitama, just north of Tokyo, and has been a mini-pig fan for seven years.

The pigs, originally bred for use as lab animals, are about one-tenth to one-fifth the size of the normal livestock variety and tip the scales anywhere from a svelte 44 pounds on up to 110-132 pounds, making them difficult to keep in narrow Japanese homes. Despite this, the number of people, mainly women who own one of the petite porkers has roughly doubled to around 500-600 from some 200-300 early this year.
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