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Pierce Brosnan saving whales

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Mar 14, 2002
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Before you continue to the article take one moment and vote on our April poll. "Emotions vs. tradition" - whaling made it back into the news.

Interesting link: Pierce Brosnan saving whales

=> International Fund for Animal Welfare | A New Song for Whales

Reported by Kyodo News, April 4, 2002:

Japan catches 440 minke whales in Antarctic Sea

Japan has caught 440 minke whales in the Antarctic Sea since last November, reaching the upper limit of its most recent catch targets, the Fisheries Agency said Wednesday.

In what Japan calls its latest "research whaling" expedition, a fleet of vessels identified a record 5,460 minke whales in 2,289 groups, the agency said. Two of the ships ships arrived in Nagasaki port Thursday morning.

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