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4 Sep 2003
Hi,can somebody tell me the meaning of the following phrases:

ikan ni yorazu

o monotomosezu

Thank you.
Not totally sure about the first (may be close to "not dependent on circumstance?")

but the second I believe is something idiomatic like "in the face of" (a difficult situation).
OK--sorry, actually there is a "ikan ni yorazu" (如何に寄らず)....just likely not the literal translation, Doesn't Approach How.
(Maybe not approaching a situation or circumstance?)

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Nice one,Elizabeth!
While preparing for the JLPT 1kyu,I came across these phrases,but coul
dn`t work out the meaning.Thanks.
Well, tomosezu is the negative form of "tomosu" (点せず・灯せず)to burn or light) and the mono part also sometimes written in kanji to get "something which doesn't burn," or metaphorically, defiance in the face of hardship. Better wait for the pros on that one, though :) ....
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