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15 Apr 2004
'ogenkidene' take care

'zenbu' everything

'shitsurei shimasu' depends on the situation... excuse me, I'm leaving

'ojama shimase' 'ojama shimasu????' Said when entering someone's house, means literally "I will be a nuisance" :)

'omatase shimashita' I've kept you waiting (sorry for making you wait)

'imasenne' huh?? aah 'imasen ne' he/she is not here, huh?

'atanashii' ... atarashii??? means new

'hikkoshisoba' soba (buckwheat noodles) traditionally eaten after moving to a new house

'meshiagattekudasai' please help yourself (eat)

moteineini-unsure if spelt right... don't think it is... teinei ni is politely or delicately

'onegaiitashimasu?' same as onegai shimasu... used after requests, when meeting someone, etc

'itadakimashoo' let's eat up

'itadakimasu' said before eating (literally "I will receive")

'uuun' depends on exactly how many 'u's there are, probably "no"

'kochisookima' no clue... gochisoosama?? is said after eating...

'ochyawan' rice bowl

'kopputo' (koppito?) cup?? cup and...


No problem, but if by assignment you mean homework, you should probably be figuring these things out for yourself...
I'm kinda confused here.... whats this?

'Un' means yes/agree btw.
'onegai itashimasu' polite form of onegai shimasu
'meshiagattekudasai' also very polite, from 'tabete kudasai'
Ewok85 said:
Im kinda confused here.... whats this?
I think there was an original post which is no longer.

Maybe a mod got fed up with an obvious 'do-my-homework' post.
shepheadus said:
'ogenkidene' take care

'shitsurei shimasu'
'ojama shimase' '
omatase shimashita'


Sorry, I posted this with answers i recieved from a Japanese friend of mine, however, I wanted to get another perspective on the answers i recieved in THIS forum to see if they were correct or Not
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