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PHP Mojibake! Help!


1 Jul 2003
I'm making a bilingual English/Japanese website at the moment.
I'm using a PHP mail form in a 'Contact Us' area that works fine in English.

For the Japanese version, I'm sending the mail using mb_send_mail and setting the language to Japanese using mb_language("ja").

The message arrives in the email client in Japanese no problem but the sender's name and the header arrive as garbled alphabetical characters.
Any ideas??? Trying to fix this is driving me maaaaaaaad.
I'm not familiar with the function, do you have to use the function on all the submitted variables?

You should try that.
You need to make sure the encoding you have set to receive on your mail client is the same as the enocoding you have used in the PHP.

Perhaps it is your receiving mail client and not your web-site.
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