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15 Apr 2002
I was crusing hotscripts for a gallery script. I need something to post up pictures of my daughter.

I found gallery, myphotos, photoframe, a german site one and wnailer.

I like the one here but I'm not willing to spend that much money for a few baby pictures.

Anything you recommend?
ahhh, that's the German one I was referring to.

I was sort of caught with wNailer. But first I'm going to dig through Jan's site. Is that the one you helped out with?

Thanks Thomas :)
Exactly. :)

Meanwhile Jan also offers vB integration, so I will check the script myself.
you know that I'm GT ... vB ... I wish but I'd probably end up with phpBB before vB.

thought so about the help :)
Just installed on my notebook.

Looks pretty dam impressive. Fiddle around with it a bit and then move it over to the server. Then I can get up baby pics for the family.


wow. I've been out of links 2.0 action for a bit but at least I've basically finished the Japanese translation of it.

hmm, you, me and Ian should gang up together some time. We could unify our work and resources and cover our perspective languages ;)
Jan jumped on the PHP bandwagon and will probably be very busy with 4images. He is releasing new versions faster than you can say amen, I'm impressed by his work.

Well, if you have projects on your mind let me know. :)
It seems that what the 3 of us are doing with the download idea is pretty much the same. It would make sense to combine our efforts and ideas.

hehe, php ;)
Jan's orginal Links 2.01 DL version is in German, I translated it into English. Both versions were hosted on Nicky's server. Since Nicky pulled all of his Links pages, I'm not sure if it's still available for download anywhere.
He never explained why, but I guess he was just p/o with support requests etc. - as you said: it happened quite often on the GT forum (widgetz, eliot, glennu). Perhaps I will ask Nicky and Jan if I can offer the English DL version for download.
Japanese Translation

Hello there,

I'm interested if anyone could help me with the following two questions.

1. Where can I find and/or buy the Japanese language translation for Links 2.0? I know there is a custom installation charge but can I install the customed files myself? Also, the email script on the installation page for this site is not working. You're getting server errors. ( FYI ) :)

2. I'm also looking for a Japanese translation of vBulletin if there is one around. I know PHPBB2.0 offers a Japanese translation but I like vBulletin very much.

I'm really desperate for some Japanese translation files so I appreciate any replies on this subject. Thanks so much.

Also, I recently tried the gallery script 4images. It is quite nice especially since It uses the html templates. I also use another script called Gallery which is very nice too. Both have different good points. At the moment I like 4images because of the potential Japanese compatibility that Gallery v1.3 lacks. However I've heard Gallery 2.0 is right around the corner. Looks promising.

We'll see,

Thanks again very much.


Jim A.
[email protected]
Hi Jim,

first of all, welcome to the forum! :)

Thanks for pointing out the form errors to me, I forgot to reset the permissions after we had moved to this server.

As for the Japanese translation of Links 2.0: my wife is using Links in Japanese, but it's a "private translation". I guess Moyashi, our merited forum advisor, is the person to contact. (Ask him about his GT-related projects, I'd like to know more about them myself, lolol.)

vB in Japanese: my advise is to wait for vB3 which should be out in winter. Language integration will be much easier, as only one file will have to be translated, as opposed to dozens of templates in the current version.

phpBB seems to be very nice and user-friendly, but I don't think you should compare a Dodge to a Bentley.

I still haven't tried the latest version of 4images, but I tinkered with previous ones, it's highly recommendable! I'm using PhotoPost, which doesn't fully integrate yet with vB, at least they share the same database. The new version (3.2.0) is due to be released these days. Of course, 4images is for free, PhotoPost isn't (though they reduced their price in October).

I haven't tried the other gallery script yet.
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the reply.

After doing a bit of looking and comparing on the Internet I've decided to just do the translations myself. With all of my other scripts I have translated them in Japanese and reworked the necessary PHP code as well. ( Only the code that pertains to the language files of course ). I just thought I'd ask around to save some time, but I totally understand the private issue. I keep a few of my big script translations to myself as well with all the time it took to translate them. Plus I can do more of a bilingual look which a lot of scripts don't usually do. It's either English or Japanese for example whereas I do both on the same page which works very nicely as I work with both languages daily. Thanks again.

You're right that vBulletin is quite nice. I have seen some fabulous integrations with phpbb2 however and being a buff on php scripting it is tempting to rework phpBB2 to my liking and not have to worry about the vBulletin company's license woes. Nonetheless what everyone has done here is very impressive thus I'm considering the plunge. Thanks again.

I'll check out the gallerypost you mentioned. It looks nicely done here.

( By the way ) <laugh> Not trying to copy or outdo anything here. Just like the tools used here and felt the integration was very nice. Just looking for some nice examples to help inspire the direction I'm heading in.

Take it easy and when I get a URL you can take a look at the translations I do if interested.


Jim A.
Nagano, Japan
@ private translation

That shouldn't imply we are not willing to share, it's just that we wouldn't dare to share, lol. We haven't translated the entire script, as my wife doesn't use all of the features Links 2.0 offers.

I've heard it's a bit difficult to customize the looks of phpBB, but I've seen vB clones based on phpBB that were truly amazing. Our little forum could also easily rely on phpBB, but as you said: we took the plunge.

I'm already very curious to see your site. Which kind of content are you going to offer?

Anyhow, good luck with it!
oops, sorry for going to bed on all of you.

Links and DBMan probably could go out if only I were to finish 1 page on my site and to contact Jack at Gossamer. Baby came along and through my schedule out of whack.

I didn't translatate all the comments in links and dbman though. I put too much in the project to get zero returns on it. Hopefully, if they pick up I was going to do them too.

hehe, I didn't make DBman into a psudo multi-lingual usage version but that was a private project. Really easy to do once you get the core down. The rest was cake.

Gossamer Forum and LinksSQL were pretty much done, it's just that I'm sure I needed to run through thte scripts more to find areas that I missed and what not.

You need to go through GT to get my translations though. Contact Jack and he'll get in touch with me. Sorry, but currently that's the system I'm on.

The phpBB Japanese hack I saw was like half way done. But, it might have gotten better. GeekLog is the same. The file is like 70% finished.

Hi there again,

Well, I'm underway with the translation already and it's going pretty good. I have decided to do everything myself as I can customize it to my needs. I like to keep the backend or admin area in English while the frontend in kind of a bilingual feel with both English and Japanese. So far no problems with the Shift_JIS or the two byte brothers yet! ( Characters )

Thanks everyone for your prompt and sincere replies.

Thomas, I also didn't mean to misinterpret the word private either. :) I think I understand what everyone is trying to do.

The content on my site will be centered on web design but with more scripting in mind. I think there is a need for a lot of info on handling scripts in Japanese ( In English ) and what scripts are actually available for that. Plus I also do quite a bit of Flash too and so I'm hoping to offer a lot of content that my colleagues and I have developed over the 10 plus years we have spent working and developing in Japan. Sites are rare that address the Japanese language, PHP, Flash etc directly in Japanese for English and Japanese speakers alike.

By the way, I'm from the States and married myself to a Japanese woman. This also may not be an appropriate place to say, but we're expecting a young one ourselves in a few months. It will be a new and exciting adventure for sure.

Thanks again and indeed a fabulous site here. I'll be around from time to time.

I should have my site up in Mid November.


Jim A.
Nagano, Japan
Yes, I run the Gallery script too for my 7 month old daughter's website. I think I've overkilled it with about 500+ photos now, but the gallery script works great. Especially since I can toggle between Japanese and English. My Japanese In-laws and my parents back in the States can now both read the comments in their respective langauges which is fabulous.

In addition I got a hold of a Blog integration as well which works well to add a front end to the gallery.

Anyway, I also know 4images is a popular one, but I never really warmed up to it. I am not sure why.

Good Luck!

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