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14 Mar 2002
I am currently working on a gallery script that will share the same database as our forum. Thus, forum members will be able to log in with their current handle/password combo. All pictures uploaded will need to be approved before being displayed.

I hope to conclude the project tomorrow. If you have any Japan-related shots or pictures of yourself, hold them ready!
I'm still twisting and tweaking. Hope to finish till tonight.
Here's a preview of the Gallery


As stated above, forum members can easily log in with their forum ID/PW. I have asked a few members to upload some of their photos.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please post them here.
Is that the script you mentioned before?

If so, it's pretty nice. Will it tie-in with GT products?
Erm, no, it's another script (but don't tell, hehe). It was very easy to integrate it within vBulletin which finally made me change my mind. vBulletin and GT products are supposed to be compatible as well, I know that GT offers a vB plugin for LinksSQL. Still have to save some money before I switch to the SQL version though...
great to see the gallery filling up nicely, just checked it out again and its looking good!

That's a good one, Debs!

I shall see if I can find a nice pic of Naho and me to scan and post, hehe.
we will be waiting!!! lolol

after you have been the first two,, someone will have to tell me how to post a pic, and you will get the first glimpse of my children,husband and me, probabaly not together as one of us is usually holding the camera, (hehe) then the other mods,advisiors and mentors ect should follow suit, (provided we are not exposeing someone we should not, you know the under cover and secret ones hehe)then its the turn of the members, provided its not makeing anyone uncomfortable or feel too exposed ect,

well as long as every one is happy to do so, thats the main perspective, so I'll be looking forward to someone telling me how to post a pic, and getting a face to most of these names that are now in my head (hahaha).

a question; does it have to be a pic taken by actual camera or can it be an image you came across on the net?? just curious cause I came across a Daruma Doll and its actually scarey looking with one eye painted ect, I would love to post that image if possible,,
OOOO I'm so MAD! i wish i had a scanner! then i could get some input on my photography "skills" (or lack thereof), i would love Kjelds insight on some of the ones i've done....i hate not haveing a scanner :(
what i really need right now is someone to tell me what i'm doing thats good and what needs improvement or how to improve it... *sigh*
well from what i've seen the gallery looks great ^_^
you really should get that scanner., I'm sure you would have some beautiful shots of fish and wildlife ect,,
not long now till the start of your course??? you will find I'm sure!!!🙂

I've seen kjelds pics, and they are wonderful,,. I'm sure he would have no quibbles in advising you with your own pics, so don't worry so much,, we will wait on your scanner!!!🙂
Originally posted by nebosuke
Very cool feature, hope you don't get slammed on bandwidth.
Never mind, I still have some capacity. Thanks for uploading your pics, they are a great collection!
Debs: thanx ^_^ it isn't long now i move August 29 and i'm a bit nervous!
And as long as i'm a "poor" college student my scanner will have to wait money is a bit tight for school all my special equipment that i need will cost me big time!
A more depressing note, i don't think i'll have the internet when i move, i don't know yet but i would bet that i wont
but i'll try to keep up here as much as i can :)
I will try definitely ^_^ i like it here too much to just leave, lol!
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