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14 Mar 2002
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Following an advice by Alex Krohn from Gossamer Threads I downloaded Phoenix, a trimmed-down version of Mozilla. After testing it for a while I've set it up as new default browser.

Compared to IE 6.0 which I've used before Phoenix offers a few advantages.

- Tabbed browsing (new pages are opened within the browser, saves memory)

- Cookie control

- Popup control

- Not as resource-heavy as IE, faster browsing

There are also a lot of different themes to download

=> http://themes.mozdev.org/phoenix/

I know that IE, Opera, Mozilla and NS 7.0 offer similar options, but Phoenix is one of the most user-friendly browsers available. Mac users can resort to Chimera.

Here's the link

=> http://mozilla.org/projects/phoenix/

Just wanted to share! :)
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