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Philippines & Japan


13 Aug 2003
I read in my history book that during World War II, Japan like invaded the Philippines, I just wanted to know what kind of like attitude does Japan have torward the Philippines, because i'm filipino and i would just like to know a bit :)

arigato gozaimasu!🙂
Well, like other Asian countries, the Japanese find the Phillipinos to be inferior and not as good as the Japanese, the same way they feel about the Chinese, the Taiwanese, and the Koreans, and just about any other Asian. They find the Phillipines' colorful and Latin culture to be un-Asian, and they were brutal to the Phillipinos during the war. Many Phillipinos who work in Japan are treated unfairly. Of course, the current generation of Japanese find nothing wrong with them, but they were treated badly in Japan and out during the war. Hope I helped. :)
Yeah thanks! Thats the exact answer I wanted... I knew that the Japanese would've looked at other races/ethnicities inferior to their own, but I guess that was during WWII, and possibly before. But that still won't stop me from going to Japan! *barges in* RAWWRRRRRRR !!

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