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14 Mar 2002
I'm so forgetful, getting old, sniff...

Yesterday I worked on the forum upgrade and forgot to activate the board after I had finished, so the forum was closed all night and Twisted (Peter) couldn't post himself.

Anyhow, Twisted went on a three week trip to see his gf in Thailand. He'll be back on the 25th with heaps of new Jpop releases, so he promised.

Bon voyage!
yes thomas I had also tryed to get on the board for hours (hehe) but alls well now🙂 as for peter (twisted)going to Thailand and not takeing me, (oops hope his girl friend does not take that the wrong way,)I mean there's a beautyful Island thats out of my reach and I can only dream about, and off peter goes without so much as a "Debs would you like to come!"👏 🙂 I really would'nt spoil his time, he would'nt even know I was there!! lolol (sorry my sence of humour has been warped to-day hehe).

I really do hope that he enjoys himself,and has quality time with his girlfriend, we will miss him!!!🙂
naughty Debs ... hehehe ...

I spread my wings a bit last night too. 2 beers and a Moscow Mule a little chatting with friends and hehe ... I came home with only a major headache and hangover in the morning ..

Hey! Another thread i missed!

Actually, my gf has been living in Holland for 18 months already. We just went back to visit her family and friends.

You didn't miss that much. September is not the right month to go to the beach in Thailand. There was lots of rain and floods all over the place.
@Twisted, ok,ok! I'l let you off with it then haha,I have enough bad weather here without traveling just for some more lol, But if you go in the earlier part of the year, be sure to have an extra suitcase for me to hide in, lol😄
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