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Help (people who have applied to monbusho) please help with preparations for the exams? advices?

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7 Feb 2017
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Hello guys! We are really close to get to apply to this scholarship and I need help preparing to the exams... as many others are I'm awful at maths :( I've been learning all these months with Khan Academy (good app) but I'm not sure if this app will be enough to understand the problems regarding maths.

How do you guys who passed the exams and got to the interview prepared for the exams? I've read plenty times people said 'I just do past papers' but how did you prepare to understand those problems? any books? any app? videos? how did you get to understand those complex problems? I read them and dont understand anything :( I'm kind of desperate even though we still have time to the exams. I just wanna be prepared... I wish I could practice with pasts exams but as I said before I dont understand anything and I'm not even sure what those problems are (calculus? integrals?) basically cant recognize the problem.

If you can recommend me any book or what did you do to practice for maths, I will be really happy. Thank you so much!
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