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15 Apr 2002
Anyone knows, how I can find a cute Japanese penpal-girlfriend? But please notice, that I dont know Japanese language, so she should be interested to write / read either in English or another European language. Any ideas?

Hallo Alex,

I can't guarantee for the cuteness, but there's an abundance of pen pal sites. To start with the most marginal:

http://penpals.japanreference.com :D

Of course, Stefan Schauwecker's pen pal forum is the most notorious: people don't have to register and - being online since 1996 - his site generates an impressive stream of visitors:

=> http://www.japanreference.com/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=3411

An exerpt from a standard entry of an office lady in her 20s:

"I'm living in Tokyo. I really need FUN!! I like to dacing drinking...also I like to meet some body. How about you? Please make me happy,you sure what should you do!!"

Another approach is language exchange:

"I love foreigners and love watching them, hearing their voice, speaking English, meeting foreigners. In short I have a foreigner sick"

Unfortunately, most of these entries are NOT fake. ;)

Also check out our listings:

Hi Thomas, hey Koji!

Thx for help. I will do my best :) and of course, keep you informed, what will happen...Curious?


P.S. @thomas: Well, I find it strange too, that some girls are so focussed on foreigners and also see the cultural problems that occur through so-called "mixed couples" for both societies, but especially Asian societies. But, on the other hand, I find it also hard to believe, that this is just a result of the colonization (in other Asian countries), the American "rescue" or Hollywood productions, etc Dont you think, there are also other (inner-Asian?) reasons and factors speeding up this development? Thereby I explicit dont mean financial reasons, although especially in Southeast Asia this probably plays an relevant role. However, I think this topic is quite heavily loaded - so I recommend to open an own topic therefore anytime. Because I am sure, on this topic exist many different opinions...
Hi Alex,

it's good you mentioned only "some girls", as we should be careful not to generalize in regard to "gaijin attraction". I am not living in Japan, but from what I understand the majority of Japanese girls does not aim at living w/dating/marrying foreigners. The implications of chosing a foreign live mate aren't easy: pressure from all sides, family, friends, colleagues; depends of course if you live in urban centers or rural areas (hm, when I think of it: not so different from Europe in fact).

You know the German proverb "Gegensaetze ziehen sich an" ("opposites attract"). The so-called attraction seems to be a mixture of curiosity and escape from well-trodden paths or daily routine. And perhaps foreigners also tend to slightly misjudge their attraction. ;)
Na hallo Alex...
na, stehst du also auf asiatische girls? Und: lebst du in japan?
Wie auch immer... Wテシnsch dir viel glテシck auf deiner suche...
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