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Pen pal?

I like anime, jrock is okay... but i'm from the u.s. ... but it doesn't defeat the whole purpose of having a "pen pal" .. keke!
Not really, Zero-Kun, Unless you're from the same section of the US. (east coast, that kinda thing.)

'Cause, you see, the whole purpose of a pen pal is to expose yourself to different cultures. And, speaking as someone who just moved from california to ohio, I can tell you the difference in culture is GRAND. Oh my god, My head is still spinning....:mad: (Mad sig, by the way.)

@DarkDreams: Hey, I'm interested! I love Anime and Jrock, myself. What types you like? How big are you on manga? ;)
I'm from Cali, a lot of culture (since california is one of the most migrated places people come to ) :)
Yep, Yep, totally agree. (especially Southern Cali. That's where I lived for 14 years -basically, my entire life. 😭 WHY did I have to move! There is NOTHING out here! :()

But, see, much difference in WHERE you are, ne? *nikoniko* ;)
heya! I'm from NJ, myself...rather boring here...
But I'm really into anime and manga, I have two shelves full and working on a third😄
My friend only got me into Jrock last year, so I don't know a lot of bands, but I love Diru and XJapan. 👏
👏 👏 👏

Diru is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! And X-Japan is kick a$$ also!!! 😄

Right now I am working on my manga collection. Hehe, I have more on my comp than on my shelves at the moment. 😄
YYeesss! Diru!! 😍
What kind of manga are you into? I have Clamp stuff, Mars, Shaman King, Naruto, Gravitation, XDay, Inu-Yasha, and more!
I have X/1999, trigun, Pet shop of horrors, angel sanctuary, and others! (Yami no Matsuei, and more on my comp!)

I want to get MARS, what's it like? (And I heard Shaman King and Naruto were good! i like InuYasha too. 👏.)
Shaman king is good, but I like Naruto better. Mars is really really good, or at least thats what I thought. I think you should try it. You never know, you might like it!
hehe, Shoujo ain't to bad, imo....😊 (I saw a couple of pages from it, and I loved what I saw!! 👏. so, I most likely will get it. :))

Okay, and that's na...ru...to....*thumbs up* Got it! (*note to self* Go on manga run soon....:p)

👏 Thanks for the refs! And, in return, i give you Jrock references! *coughcough Unasked for coughcough* Dozo!

Malice Mizer is good! They have classical mixed with hard rock, 👏 *almost* as good as deg!
Kagerou is also really good! 😍
And baroque, and Blood, and Miyavi, and Moi dix Mois!
(L'arc~en~Ciel, /\ucifer, Penicillin, Pierrot, and Janne da Arc are also really good in my book! 👏.)
I've heard of Malice Mizer, never really listened to their music though...Almost as good? Lol. Miyavi is a sexy boy! The rest I must listen to now! Now...the question is...where to find the music......
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