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Pen pal question


3 Feb 2003

I have recently joined up witha pen pal site and I have got 3 people from Japan I am sending letters to, I thik this is a great way to learn about new things, what is your experience of this? and do you also have pen pals?

I don't like writing letters... you never know if they arrive their destination...
I Prefer ICQ and email
Pen Pal

_) I have done this with several people in Japan

_) It rarely works, beyone 1-2 months

_) The people I find want to improve their English, but
are also 18-30 years old

_) I am 48 years old, and married, and that seems to eventually
cause a lack of interest



p.s 1: it just seems that 18-30 years old have the
eagerness to pursue this. but i am out-of-their-age group
too much

p.s 2: out of this, it seems i have one solid person
who keeps it going. They have a web-site .
I learned a lot about Northern-Japan from them, and
love the back-and-forth.

It worked for me!!!

Hi, i had to add my thoughts to this thread. I have been communicating with several penpals for several months now roughly once a week. On my first trip to japan last May i met some of them and had a great time, I should be able to meet my other friends as well when i return for another holiday in Japan this September. These penpals have become very good friends and i have enjoyed communicating with them discussing many topics and sharing my Japanese learning experience. Perhaps people here have had a raw deal with penpals but my message is persevere as there are people out there who you can become life long friends with. Granted i have had some penpals where mails just fizzed out but these were in the intial stages and so did not bother me as i had not got to know these people very well anyway. Gambatte!

I have 2 wonderful penpals: 1 from Osaka, 1 from Sapporo. They're both just great personalities, and I think this is going on quite well...I have allready received some gifts,pictures,music etc.from Japan,and of course, I'm sending something to them. My pen pals (we also change e-mails) write quite quickly, I think I'm the one who's being too slow in answering their letters...
Are you writing in Japanese or English? I have friends in Japan that I email regularly, but I wouldn't necessarily call them pen-pals.

I think for someone who has never been to Japan, a pen pal is a great Idea. Japanese culture is very different from western, and you'll learn many new things.

I am writing to them in English and they learn me hiragana and in return I tech them swedish, I have been receiving pictures from them also, I think this si a great way to learn new things
about Japan.

Yeah, I have to say it only workd for about a month before one of us gets bored with eachother and we stop writing ;_; I had one really close pen pal, but he told me he was unable to email me for a month becuse he'd be moing back to japan for that month, and i haven't heard from him since :namida: ;_;
I have a pen pal from Shizuoka. We've only just gotten in touch about a month ago. We'll see how things work out...
I did meet a few wonderful people but as many have said it falls off after a few months. There are a few things that happened with my experiences (2 different times). First, I asked a lot of questions about culture but eventually it turns into what did you do this weekend stuff. Don't get me wrong, these were wonderful people but the main reason I wrote was to learn about Japan first hand. The second thing that happened (and this was probably all my fault) was cutural differences. I would write things that were taken wrong or not understood. This is to be expected with language barriers but it just became very hard. Many people probably have had different experiences. I would suggest that you go into it being yourself and just trying to have fun and meet people. Everyone is different and it won't hurt.
I two pen pals from Japan and I have been talking to for about two months now. If you get a chance take part in being someone's pen pal. You just need to find one thing in common and you can go from there. She tells me about Japan (life in Japan, school, ect,) and I tell her about American. I send her pictures of American things and she wants me to send her pictures of me taking part in the town Rodeo next year!

So give it a try! Be a pen pal
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