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Pen Choice for Kanji?

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Sarah Szabo

9 Feb 2018
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Hello Everyone (This is my first post here),

I'm currently learning kanji (I know about 200, just basically learning by the book, and mass copying every day using a memrise deck), and i'm interested in comparing different types of pens used after I found out hat my old pen kind of sucked. (Wow, who would have thought that getting a random pen for free and using that literally every day for kanji would be a horrible idea :D )

I suppose that I just had never really though about pen manufacture or quality, but as I discovered, there are some dramatic differences in pen quality, which are significantly better for nice looking kanji in my notebook. I'm more interested in the difference between gel and ballpoint pens (Specifically for Kanji writing), and am interested in people's different experiences writing kanji in pen/pencil, and what their experiences were.

I was first drawn to JetPen's Maika series (Of course, a Japanese pen for writing Japanese :D), but I've never used a gel pen, and am not sure about what diameter to get. Any advice would be most appreciated!


22 Feb 2008
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I don't care what types of pens or pencils are used, but the best one for beautiful hand-written kanji is no doubt 筆ペン(brush pen).
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