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Peach Girl

I love peach girl....except Momo's false friend Sae drives me nuts...I have friends like her....I head that they made Peach Girl into a live action movie. I actually have to finish getting the manga so I can move onto "Peach Girl: A Change of Heart"
Oooh yes I love Peach girl as well. That's my most all time favroite Manga Momo is like me somewhat sort of but I really adore her a lot, and I have a best friend -coughs- Is like Sae ^_^;.... Though we rarely talk... x_x;
Peach Girl is pretty good I like all the cute clothes Momo wears and all the drama that happens in the story. The only thing I don't like is how Sae acts so jealous and evil toward Momo, who could hate Momo except Sae ?!?!? :p 👍
Of course yes! :09: i luv peach girl! actually i dont like Sae and Kairi's brother. and, in my opinion, :09:Kairi Okayasu:09: is the best!! :D
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