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Paybook 1943-1945


7 Nov 2017
I have recently bought this paybook.
It belonged to Mori Seiichi. It seems to be an specialist in air defense. 通信兵 / 有建.
He was born in Toyama Prefecture on March 19th, 1889.

He fought in China. On july 5th, he left Busan by sea. He arrived in Naha (Okinawa) on July 22th. On August 9th, he left Naha and he arrived at the port of Miyako jima on August 12th.
He left Miyako jima and he arrived at the port of Isigaki jima on August 23th, to take part in the defense of the island.

Any extra information will be welcome. Mostly the last 3-4 row as the writing is a little bit complicated to understand.
Thank you.


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Your man was born in 1910 (Meiji 43).
The last 3 or 4 lines just indicate further regiment movements. It seems to indicate he was part of some attack, Nansei Kūshū (南西空襲), but I'm not clear about what that refers to. (Defense of a US attack, or some attack initiated by the Japanese? I would guess the latter, but it seems funny to me.) Then on February 26th, 1945, he was ordered to join the Toyo 5653 division of the 16th regiment of the Ryūkyū 3 battalion. (Military jargon is not my specialty, apologies if the nomenclature is off). There are no further entries after that.

The date is February 16, 1945.;)
It's 軍令陸甲第十一号, thus, the 11th army order. Also, the next part is 第十六号ニ據(=拠)リ豊第五六五三部隊ニ転属, so 16 is the number of the order, too.

Thank you. A very useful information.
Is it possible to clarify what kind of attack happened?
It just says "participated in Nansei Air Raid/Attack".
I think it is referring to this one, but I am not positive
It is slightly odd that it mentions he "participated" in this, instead of he "defended against" it, but maybe it was more politically correct to say participated, rather than the more passive "defended".
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