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Pay cuts for judges


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14 Mar 2002
Interesting indicator in regard to Japan's economical situation:

Japanese judges get 1st pay cut despite constitutional ban

Tokyo 窶 The Supreme Court on Wednesday backed a proposal to implement the first-ever cut to judges' monthly pay despite clauses in the Constitution prohibiting such a move.

The court decided in a meeting to lower monthly pay in line with a National Personnel Authority recommendation to reduce central government employees' wages. The chief justice of the Supreme Court is paid roughly 2.3 million yen per month, while other justices receive 1.68 million yen.

Reported by Kyodo News, Sept. 5, 2002.

2,300,000 ¥ = 19,488.2 US$ = 19,632.9 €
1,680,000 ¥ = 14,234.9 US$ = 14,340.6 €

That is great that judges make that much over there...amazing.

19k per month is $228,000.00 per year...simply amazing
I am sure our judges don't make near that.
Simple calculation: considering the fact that settling legal cases takes ages in Japan, they should cut their salaries by 50% and employ 50% more judges instead.

Such salaries are unethical.
Their monthly salaries are regular yearly salaries for regular folks.

The judges sit on their buts and pass corn ball judgements. Come on can somebody tell me that they actually do anything real besides sitting for still shots before the case starts for the news?
ah, that's so typical in Japan that it doesn't even surprise me.
It's all called [tsuki ai] "meeting together" or ... hanging out with the boys and having a good time. wink wink

Trust me, dining isn't just a bunch of blokes cracking corny jokes.
Hanging out with the boys is fine, but at taxpayers' expenses and as supreme court judges, representing the top echelon of Japan's judicial system? Hehe, do I sound naive?
But what does being a top "echelon" and spening all of our (err ...) tax payer's money have to do with the thought of all the fun you could have sitting next to the best girls in the Ginza?

Absolutely Nothing.

Gee, when you're at the top the people below you don't know jack sh_t and they should thank you for allowing you to take care of their stupid as_es.

In other words. Bussiness as usual in Japan. ;)
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