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Parties in Tokyo for March-April 2004 from JobsinJapan


17 Jul 2002
Here are the upcoming parties and events

The Foreign Business Association of Japan (FBAJ) will hold its monthly
dinner meeting at Bar Tokyo at Roppongi Crossing on Mar. 18 (Thr.) from
7:30-10:15 p.m. with a dinner buffet prepared by Kyle's Good Finds.
Rogue Ale Microbeer from Oregon will provided by Ezo Beer. Members Y3,000,
Guests Y4,000, all food and drinks included with open bar, reservations
limited to 120. Business attire. tel. 03-5255-3090, info(at)fbaj.org

After 30's Singles & Divorced Party on March 19 (Fri.) from 7:30 to
late at Bar Tokyo. Meet international singles with a 70's and 80's groove
in a stylish night club with absolute best Roppongi view No admission
fee (cash bar) with complimentary hors' d'oeuvres for early birds. call
03-5786-2882, after(at)kokusaika.org.

TIC 7TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL International Friendship Party on
March 20 (Sat.) from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. with FREE BEER & FREE MUNCHIES at The
Fiddler. Meet old friends and new friends at Tokyo's longest running
international party. In celebration of our 7th birthday, 10 cases of
complimentary beer will be provided while supplies last. No admission fee.
Limited to 120 people. Reservations requested. See map at
thefiddler.com/map.html or call 03-5255-3090 or mail tic(at)hpo.net.

Yugawara Hiking on Mar. 20 (Sat.) Meet at Yugawara Station's ticket
gate at 9:15a.m. We climb to Mt. Makuyama, going through a plum blossom
park and to the top of Mt. Makuyama, where we will have lunch and nice
views of the mountains and the ocean. The hiking time is about 3.5 hours.
Contact David at 03-5996-3687. My PHS, 070-6612-9052.

The 2nd Tokyo Real Ale Festival - March 20 & 21 at Beer Club Popeye in
Ryogoku, There will be three separate sessions. Session 1: Saturday
3/20, 2 to 5 pm, Session 2: Saturday 3/20, 6 to 9 pm, Session 3: Sunday
3/21, 2 to 5 pm. Participating Brewers: Baird Beer, Hitachino Nest Beer,
Iki Iki Ji-beer, Ikspiari, Isekadoya Bakushu, Iwatekura Beer, Minoh
Beer, Sankt Gallen, Swan Lake, TY Harbor Brewery, Tokyo Beer Research Club
(brewed at Loco Beer), and Yona Yona Ale. A few more are expected.
Reservations are required, and admission for each session for GBC members
is Y3,500 for advance payment, Y4,000 for payment at the door. For
non-members, admission is Y4,000 and Y4,500 respectively. e-mail
brewsnews(at)yahoo.com for reservations.

International Singles Party at The Fiddler on March 22 (Mon.) & April
12 (Mon.)from 7:30pm Meet international singles in a friendly and cozy
atmosphere. No admission fee! (cash bar) with complimentary cheese and
crackers for early birds. Tel. 03-3204-2698, singles(at)kokusaika.org.

Shibuya Singles Party at the Maple Leaf Canadian Sports Bar on Mar. 26
(Fri.) from 7:30 to late. Good music and atmosphere at new foreign bar
in trendy Shibuya. No admission fee! (cash bar) with complimentary
cheese and crackers for early birds. Tel. 03-3281-4303,

Royal Party March 27 (Sat.) 7:00-10:00 at Bar Tokyo (Roppongi
Crossing). Open Bar with beer, wine, cocktails and excellent light dinner
buffet(Viking Style) featuring baked pineapple ham, roasted potatoes, salads,
cheese platters, vegetable platters, sushi, garlic French bread and
much more. (order last drinks before 9:45) Great singles party for
Japanese and foreigners to meet. All food and drinks included for only Y3,000
with reservations (Y3,500 going directly). Web site with maps and
Japanese link. http://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/hidie/royalparty.htm,
03-5709-2200, cav91601(at)pop21.odn.ne.jp

Osaka International Friendship Party on Mar. 27 (Sat.) from 6:00-9:00
p.m. at Wisdom21's JAFA Room in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. For finding new
international friends, language exchange, ex-pat networking or just
enjoying some good beer and wine in an elegant atmosphere. A light but
generous buffet will be provided. Y3,000 with reservation (Y3,500 going
directly). For reservations or further information, Tel. 03-5255-3090,
osaka(at)kokusaika.org, (Location: Shinsaibashi Toei Bldg 3F, 4-12-22 Minami
Senba Chuo-Ku Osaka-shi Directions Tel. 06-6241-7193).

TIC Ski Trip to Gunma Mar. 26 (Fri.) - Mar. 29 (Sun.) to Marunuma. Good
chance to make nice international friends with dinner party on Saturday
night at the resort. Depart at 8:00pm at JR Asagaya Station by
chartered bus. Saturday-Sunday: Ski/snowboard skiing. Sunday evening: Arrive
back in Tokyo at 7:00-7:30pm. Ski sets, snowboards, their wears provided
with no charge. Y25,000/person. (Two nights lodging with two breakfasts
and one dinner and Saturday party included; lift tickets (Y2500-Y5000),
lunches(Y500-Y1000) and Onsen(Y400) extra. For application, send the
following items. Name, Age, Gender, nationality, address, telephone
number, mobile phone number and your physical data if you need equipment.
Contact ski(at)kokusaika.org (last time 25 people attending 65%
foreigners, the highest percentage of foreigners for any event)

Flower Viewing on Mar. 28 (Sun.) Meet at the ticket gate of
Edogawabashi Station (on the Yurakucho Line) at 1:00pm. We will have a 2 hour
walk/lunch along the Kanda River and Edogawa Park and enjoy the Cherry
Trees on route. Then we will finish off at Takadanobaba for the rooftop
gardening get-together. Contact David at 03-5996-3687. My PHS,
070-6612-9052. jambodave2003(at)yahoo.co.jp

Wine & Cheese Party in Bar Tokyo at Roppongi Crossing, Apr. 2 (Fri.),
7:30-10:00pm. Enjoy some nice wines with absolute best view in Roppongi!
Generous variety of cheeses, hors d'oeuvres and light food spread.
03-5786-2882, wine(at)kokusaika.org

TMA Moonlight Party at the Maple Leaf Sports Bar in Shibuya on Apr. 3
(Sat.) from 6:00-9:00 p.m. An international cocktail party with beer,
wine, nice buffet, party cake from Kyle's Good Finds Bakery and a nice
selection of cocktails. A great place for Japanese and foreigners to
meet. For the generous food, quality drinks, romantic atmosphere, Tokyo's
best international party bar none! Y3,000 w/reservation, (Y3,500 going
directly), (cash bar from 8:45), 03-3281-4303, mparty(at)kokusaika.org.

Mini-Microbeer Festival on Apr. 9 (Fri.), 8:00-10:30pm. at Tokyo
Station in Yaesu Language School. Menu: To be announced. Generous light
buffet also provided with vegetable platters, cheese platters, bread
platters and roast beef. Y3,000 with reservation (Y3,500 going directly), all
food and drinks included. Tel. 03-5255-3090, beer(at)kokusaika.org.
Beer Fans: find out the latest in the World of Beer in Japan with monthly
newsletter by Bryan Harrell. Just e-mail brewsnews(at)yahoo.com.

The Great Roppongi Party on Apr. 10 (Sat.) from 6:30-9:30pm in Bar
Tokyo (at Roppongi Crossing on 6F of the keitai shop building across from
the Almond and the Koban). Tokyo's most exciting international party.
Y3,000 w/reservation (Y3,500 going directly), all drinks, buffet with
roast beef, party cake from Kyle's Good Finds Bakery included. As
attendance at Bar Tokyo exceeds 100 people be sure to look for and use the
upstairs VIP room. Cash bar from 9:15, 03-3281-4303,

You can find maps to the these venues at www.kokusaika.org
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