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Para Para dance

No. Best way to put it is Japanese neo-disco. Its a dance which is mostly about arm motions to the beat of techno dance music.
Sounds interesting...
I'm gonna have to check out some clubs when I go over to Japan next time... just to see what they're like!
I've never really seen Japanese totally drunk & dancing & stuff...
I've seen them sing though!
Which is really interesting!!!....hehehe...
I'll *never* forget actually... I used to work for a Japanese company... & at the Christmas party 2 years ago... one of the *top* guys in the company appeared out of nowhere dressed as a spaceman & did some kinda UFO dance that was mostly arm movements!!!
:D ...
oh man.. & this was a guy with *power!*... so strange!
ya gotta love the way that Japanese are so willing to make a public display like that!...
ya know, when the Japanese let loose... they seem to really let loose!
yeah... I really must check out some clubs next time... I'd say they're very interesting!😄
I think Para Para was more of a fad in the early 90's. I'm not sure how popular it is anymore. It's also considered more of a feminine dance but I'm not hating. The dance showed up again with the release of Para Para Paradise, a dance game like DDR but has arm motion sensors.
I learnt a few para para routines when i was bored ~ learnt like 15 routines in about a week ~ then got bored of it and forgotten it all (-_-; )
I love dancing at raves. Especially when they play Trauma remixes. I dance with Photon Lights. If I had a video of me doing the Para to this particular song I would show you. Many people where I am at in Okinawa, Japan para to techno still, mixing it with Liquid and House. It's awsome.

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