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Pantani's passing shows how fragile sports stars can be


17 Jan 2004
Marco Pantani, an Italian cyclist who was nicknamed by Lance as "Elefantino," has passed away. Here's an article on his suicide:

The recent death of Italian cyclist Marco Pantani, at the age of 34 from an apparent drug overdose, was the final act in a life which had been spiraling out of control for the past 4 1/2 years.

Since being banned from the Giro d'Italia in 1999 -- while leading the race with just two stages left -- after testing positive for a suspected performance-enhancing drug, Pantani was on a long slide into oblivion.

Japan Times
Not to be insensitive etc, but he was a drug cheat, as opposed to someone like the Cameroon footballer Marc Vivien Foe, who gave a large percentage of his wages to starving people in his country, died in his 20s, on the pitch, in the middle of a match, and was probably not even mentioned in America.
That is a very sad thing to hear and sometimes man can do anything for fame and glory and there is really nothig much we can do to stop them but having them committing suicide just for "that" is way too foolish and its a waste of life...there is still many things for him to do out there instead of dying....
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