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14 Mar 2002
Another waiwai story, just to fill the Golden Week gap: that's how Japanese cultists celebrate their holidays. Remember the fluoridation theory in Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove", lol?

Cultists fearing microwave attack whitewash roadside

Some 40 members of a bizarre cult have taken over a 200-meter stretch of road in Gifu Prefecture, covering up crash barriers and roadside trees with huge white cloths, it was learned Tuesday. Officials of Hachiman and Yamato, the two central Japan towns that manage the Omami road, have urged members of the Fukui-based cult, the "Panawave Laboratory," to move out but they have refused to comply. "One of us fell ill while we were heading to Yamanashi Prefecture (so we can't move)," one of the cultists, who are dressed in all white and wear surgical masks, said as their reason for occupying the road since last Friday. [...]

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20030429p2a00m0dm019001c.html

Their credo according to Panawave's former website:

This site is explaining plainly the "scalar electromagnetic wave" which is not yet recognized. What is called "scalar electromagnetic wave" stemmed from the Soviet Union time from the "TESURA wave" of NICOLA TESURA at the research of the mind control method, and has been soon performed as a crime in which it generally is not known now, either, as an intrigue of the left-wing organization by the offer of former KGB, a scientist, etc. after the Soviet Union collapsed. Moreover, it is the report to the destruction of the earth environment which illegal construction of the power line of an electric power company was raised, and abused the "scalar electromagnetic wave" being close performed in Japan recently. Please give me the specialist who had this site visited, and a researcher so that [ an eye ] it may surely let it pass briefly. Moreover, after being based on a possibility of having and danger of a "scalar electromagnetic wave", if it does not escape from this critical situation, it is necessary to recognize that neither UFO (flight object which controls gravity), nor the bright future by free energy comes also here and there [ general ] which gets interested in saying [ "super-science, gravity control, and free energy" ]. Although the whole country has been investigated and studied as arbitrary organizations at us the PANAWEBU research institutes, it has always been blocked. (We plan to announce you for details later.) First of all, please look at our investigation/research report.

The current website (J)

=> サービス終了のお知らせ

whattup with that group anyway.....are they the next Aum? They certainly dress like the Aum did before the Sarin attack....all dressed in white and crap like that.....
Two weeks until doomsday... ;)

Japan cult ends stand-off

Members of a mysterious cult who have been engaged in a stand-off with police on a mountain road in central Japan have finally moved on to an unknown destination. [...] The cult, whose members are clad entirely in white, is reported to believe that the world will be devastated on 15 May by natural disasters, caused by a reversal of the magnetic pole. [...]

=> BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japan cult ends stand-off
I always wonder how crackpot groups like this feel when the date comes and passes and nothing happens....
they reset their clocks and calendars for the next forcasted event....usually about 30 years.... time enough for another generation to forget history and try again.....
News from the White Robes: :D

Kooky cult gets all clear

They also allege that scalar wave attacks are being carried out by communist terrorists who have dispersed around the world following the break up of the Soviet Union.

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20030505p2a00m0fp003000c.html

Mainichi Photo Special

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/photospecials/0305/panawave/01.html

Wandering Cult Befuddles Japan

=> http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20030503/ap_on_re_as/japan_wandering_cult_4

White-clad cultists prepare to move again

White-robed cultists in Gifu say they'll move away

latest on panawave and Chino: http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/face/0305/0508guru.html
Now that "doomsday "has passed without taking place, they might be staging their own doomsday.

Japan fears cult attack after 'doomsday'

THE white-robed acolytes of the bizarre Pana Wave Laboratory cult waited in vain for their doomsday.

Now Japan waits to see what effect the failure of a prophecy that the world would end on Thursday will have on believers who had taken to the mountains of central Japan in a convoy of 24 white vans in preparation for Armageddon.

Many fear they could commit suicide en masse or stage some kind of terrorist attack similar to the release of sarin gas in the Tokyo underground by the Aum Shinrikyo cult which killed 12 people in 1995.

Police, who raided its headquarters on Wednesday, said they were continuing to keep a close watch on the group, which was under a media siege inside its facilities.

In addition to their white robes, Pana Wave followers wear white surgical caps and white rubber boots. During their travels through central Japan, they draped white sheets over trees, road signs and anything else that came to hand each time they halted.

They say white deflects "lethal electromagnetic waves" which they believe are generated by power lines and controlled by communists working with agents of the former Soviet Union.

The followers of Yuko Chino, 69, who founded the group in the 1970s and is reportedly dying from cancer, blame her illness on electromagnetic waves.

Other aspects of their beliefs lead them to shun bathing and live on a diet of instant noodles.

They have also taken a keen interest in a bearded seal that has made a canal in Yokohama its home. It is not immediately clear why the cult has adopted the seal's cause, but Tama-chan - named after the waterway it apparently prefers to the frigid wastes of its Arctic home - is showing no indications of wanting to leave.

Cult members are now reportedly digging swimming pools for Tama-chan and a spokesman for the group said they believed that electromagnetic waves led the seal more than 600 miles astray.

As yet, there has been no word from members of the cult. They had expected a tenth planet to suddenly appear in the solar system on Thursday, causing the Earth's magnetic poles to reverse and cataclysmic earthquakes that would bring about the end of mankind.

Hidehiko Sato, head of Japan's National Police Agency, said they were still watching the cults' movements. "We don't mean to be running them to earth in a blind panic, we just won't overlook violations of the law."

Despite the close attention of the authorities, people living near the group's facilities are worried that the Pana Wave cultists may do something drastic.

"They don't work and yet they have all these vehicles," said Michiko Watanabe, who lives in the mountain hamlet of Godaishi, where the cult has a base.

"Where do they get all the money from? And what happens when it runs out?"

There have been signs that the cult may be abandoning its hitherto peaceful nature.

The Asahi Shimbun newspaper received an anonymous letter in which threats were made to bring down a television relay tower near the town of Takamatsu, in Kagawa Prefecture, unless the media stopped reporting the cult's activities. A metal bolt was enclosed in the envelope.

Authorities later confirmed that 10 bolts had been removed from the 100ft steel tower on Mount Aomine.

any other news on this wacko group? What's that about some guy dying from heat stroke and now they think he was beaten with a rod? :O
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