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Pachinko Funeral


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14 Mar 2002
Reported by PokerMag:

Pachinko Funeral In Japan

=> Pachinko Funeral In Japan

Pachinko Funeral In Japan
December 14, 2002

How popular is the game of pachinko? So popular that earlier this year, a Buddhist temple in Japan held a funeral ceremony for 500,000 worn out pachinko machines. The service was to say farewell to the revered pinball-type machines as they made way for a new batch.

The ceremony also was an indication of the economic power of this hundred billion dollar a year industry. The game is going global and has made its way into a few online casinos as well. In casino Pachinko, small steel balls shoot out onto the playing surface where they bounce through a network of nails. The object, as in pinball, is to get the balls to land in winning pockets.

In the real game, the pachinko player can control the speed by which the pachinko balls are shot out onto the playing surface - after that, it becomes a game of pure chance. In cyber pachinko, the player has even less control over where the balls go!

You select the amount of balls you want to purchase. They drop down and you then click on the knob which propels them onto the board. Most of the balls will drop to the bottom and leave play. But some will land in special pockets. Depending on which pocket, you will win various amounts of balls. If the same three symbols match up on the reels, you win even more.

a one hundred billion dollar industry should have a funeral service for its machines. I hear they do something in Las Vegas for some of their machines and tables. There is also a museum for things like that.
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