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14 Mar 2002
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DoCoMo Launches Videophone

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today the introduction of the P2102V, the company's first 3G videophone handset capable of video clip e-mailing and extended stand-by time, and the first FOMA model to accept memory cards. The P2102V will go on sale nationwide on March 15, 2003. With DoCoMo's i-motionT mail service, the FOMA P2102V can e-mail up to approx. 24-second (100 KB) video clips created with either of its two built-in cameras, or downloaded from the site. (The P2102V shoots video at up to 15 frames/second.) Video clips can even be recorded and transmitted while the user simultaneously makes a videophone call. The P2102V boasts continuous dynamic stand-by time of approximately 180 hours and static stand-by time of approximately 250 hours. This is also the first FOMA model equipped for SD memory cards. With a 128 MB memory card, users can store up to approximately three hours of high-resolution video, or 7,600 still pictures. Data is shared easily with any PC that can read these cards. Another unique feature is the maneuverability of the P2102V's 2.35-inch, 262,144-color TFT screen, which rotates 135 degrees perpendicular (i.e. left/right) to the phone. Similar to a video camera, this high degree of maneuverability enables users to take video and still pictures from a wide range of angles. The P2012V has a 310,000-pixel CMOS camera on the side of the handset and a 100,000-pixel CMOS camera above the TFT screen.

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