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24 Jun 2003
Anybody know any good oyaji gags? Here are a few,

Karaoke wa kore kara OK?

toire ni ittoire.

Futon ga Futonda

Neko ga nekoronda

Reshitto o moratte ureshitto!

Aka ga akan.

All others are welcome!!
Gochisosama = thanks for the meal (roughly)
Gojizosama = one of the Buddhist saints

What makes it great is it is so hard to catch. The two phrases sound almost the same said quickly. This is the only homegrown oyaji gag my girlfriend likes.

My others are too stupid to share.
Homegrown oyaji gags are the best, though.

I don't know whether you guys watch a lot of TV, but there seems to be a slight rash of oyaji gag commercials right now... Did anyone see the one for the new Suntory happoushu "Fine Brew"?

Oyaji sitting in his office with a can of the stuff talking to himself in broken English. "How are you?" he says. "I fine... brew," he answers and starts giggling.

Samui!!! :sick:
I liked one I saw on TV. A guy with a little aerosol can accidentally sprays some on someones' face. So he says

"Shipuray shimashita" Making it sound like "Shitsureishimashita"

Oh, how I laughed.
I didn't see that one...

One that falls into the oyaji gags even though the guy who says it isn't is the one in the chocolate covered sticks commercial with Katori Shingo (SMAP member).

Panelist "...so it's either black or white. What's your opinion?"
Shingo "I'm Noir"

Noir being the name of the product... (Forgot to say Noir is French for black...)
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Thats a good one, I've seen that one. Here is a bit longer, but similar one. One of my old students told it to me. Do you know Peko Chan? She is the advertising charecter for a chocolate called "milky". Excuse my bad Japanese.




That one always gets them laughing.
Konnichiwa Minasan!
I found a good gag in internet for some days ago.

A woman whose name is Mami called up to her friend and left a message for answerphone.
"Hi, I am Mami. I will call you again"
Her friend was very shocked because Japanese name "Mami" is similar to "Mummy" on pronunciation.
"Mummy call me?"😲

Incidentally, Mami is a common female name in Japan.:D

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