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Own Songs?

I would love to have female vocals for it, and yes a producer would help... I can never get good quality on my PC :(
Yeah, for analogue recording you'd need a real studio.

For production you don't need that much. A decent PC (or preferably a Mac) and some audio-editing software is enough.

You can fix a lot with digital effects and filters, but nothing beats a clean source-recording.
Well, that depends... do you have access to a professional studio?

Actually, if you're serious about this, we could try to cook up a raw demo and see if that works out.
Yeepie! I would love to! Yeah baby! Here's a brief description of my voice: low and sultry. Think it's what you need?
So....... now what? :)

Rosie, could you record some of your singing and put it online?
Well, you'd need to hook up a microphone to your computer. You should have some program on you computer called Media Recorder which comes free with Windows.

Then you'd need some webspace and upload the recorded file, or you could email that file to any one of us.
my band only has seven songs at the moment(but sorry we have no way of recording them or getting them on the comp even if we did we know slim to jack sh*t about that kinda stuff)
heres our set that we play
Nuclear Assualt
Dark Funeral
Pull the Plug(cover tune originally by the band DEATH)
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