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Out of all of you here, how many...

Are you able to write any computer languages? (if so, which)

  • Yes

    Votes: 35 68.6%
  • No

    Votes: 12 23.5%
  • What's a computer language?

    Votes: 3 5.9%
  • わたしは うし です。

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13 Aug 2003
Another random thought.
I can write very little Javascript, and I'm a pretty good HTML writer/website maker (though just as a hobby). I tried to teach myself C++, but it didn't work out because the Compiler I was using didn't, well, compile.
I can write in C, C++, vhdl, assembly, the html/xml/dhtml bunch, pascal, SQL, and a little bit of java (jsp)....

Geee... there's way too much languages that are coming out.... and it's almost impossible to follow up with all of them... whew~ <feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of languages>
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Well, I used to know how to write a litlte HTML, but I have forgotten since I didn't practice it, so I have to say No, I don't know how to write any computer languages.
What is the last selection on your quiz? "I am a cow"???

I can use most any language if I had to since they are generally pretty similar. However I am most proficient in SQL, perl & bourne/bash (unix shell).
hmmm, I'm a bit into LPC. that's a simple c-like language used to create muds (text-based multi user dungeon role-playing game thingy) and add stuff to them like stories, places, monsters, items, guilds, etc. etc. etc. oh, and HTML. is flash a programming language? I guess not.
I'm currently learning some Visual Basic .NET
I know a little SQL.
Also HTML, but i'm not sure if you could consider that a real programming language.
I know mostly webpage scripting such has PHP and Javascript. HTML and SQL isn't programming. :p
I also know Java and C/C++ and some Perl.
i thought about it for html & sql
but it's still computer related + structured. so i guess it isn't "bad" to tell about it :)
> SQL isn't programming.

Since when? All major DB vendors provide versions of SQL that include standard programming constructs such as conditional statements & looping syntax. What else do you need for it to be "programming"?
oldie, too

Did a bit of Turbo Pascal in the 90's (& very simple stuff in Omikron Basic in the 80's).
Now I started to learn HTML.
C/C++, Bash, ActiveScript, JavaScript, OpenGL (with C), HTML, SQL, PHP and some Java (although I hate it).
I cant write anything, i learned html stuff and some sort of dos thing in highschool but common that feels like ages ago......*hangs head* i'm lucky i even know how to turn a computer on.....
just wondering does everyone else get CONSTANT error reports and debugers pop up??? i know i do and i cant get rid of them....
I think you're talking about Javascript errors with that error popup for Internet Explorer. If so, you can't turn that off. The next time you see it, check the checkbox on the popup that says "don't notify me again" or something like that.
Its never had a check box, probably because my computer actually enjoys driving me insane....if i wasn't in a basement apartment i'd throw this thing out the window!...instead i might try throwing it into oncoming traffic...hmmmm....I guess it drives me crazy because i dont think a new computer (only a year old) should be doing this, and i get mad at things that dont work the way they're supose to😊
ie explorer menu > tools > internet options > advanced > browsing > check box "Disable Script Debugging"?
good luck!
HTML is really just formatting code, and not programming.

Anyway for scripting languages, I'm alright with PHP. For programming... know a little VB, COBOL and very little C++ and Javascript.

Javascript, PERL, C#, C++, (X & D)HTML, CSS ... And eh, that's about it. I was going to learn some others but never got round to it.
as long as you know C/C++ & Java well, you can pretty much learn everything else easily, nowadays. Okay, not exactly. 😄 It depends on what you wanna do. And, SQL IS a programming language.
the html/xml/dhtml bunch and a lil bit of javascript...its what i go to school for!!!

I love writing code. Bout to start looking into C/C++:p ;)

(i'm a computer science/web developement major, can ya tell? :) )
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