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Otogi 2's genius new song...


22 Jul 2003
Ok, I just watched probably every single trailer and video on the internet of this game and since the first video I've been hooked on the main song. Don't know what the name is yet but the singer/group's name is Dore with an umlaut over the o. Amazing mixture of old style Japanese singing and instruments, if anyone has any info this should be the place to post from now on.👍
I'm suprised that its on its way out so soon. Seems like the first one just came out.

Graphically stunning game, it was. I wonder how the sequel will capitalize.
Hopefully it will do better than the first as far as sales go, just for the sake of From Software bringing more of their games over here. On a more informative note, they added 5 extra characters besides Raikou, each with their own individual weapons. That in itself will make the game infinitely more replayable than the first one (The first one being infinitely replayable, heh).

http://www.fromsoftware.jp/top/soft/otogi/ <--- From Software's site
O-to-gi.net <-------------------------Otogi Site
A little update on the song: I went to this site and found some of the lyrics in someone's post. The lyrics go up to the part where the song becomes dramatic and are as follows:

「白露 光頼みて 幹の内
捧げば 神の御剣 華の内
茜路 草木を深み 徒徒
望月 荒都照らし 何処へ」

Hope people can sing along now. Sorry for no romanization, but I think there are tools out there to help.

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