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17 Jan 2004
wouldn't be offended if someone called me an otaku," says Koichi Nakayasu, ". . . because I am."
"Otaku" and proud -- and he's not alone. The number of hardcore manga and anime fan otaku probably number in the hundreds of thousands.

If you include occasional consumers of otaku culture, maybe millions. Otaku culture has even spread abroad -- becoming one of Japan's most successful pop-culture exports.

Japan Times
I would take it as an insult to be called an otaku, because that term in its slang form is meant as just that. Would it affect or bother me? No. But the term should still be taken as an insult.

Also, being more on the industry side of things, that label would slander all the efforts I've made, or anyone else for that matter towards the contribution of promoting anime.

However, the funny thing is how it's been saturated into something a bit more accepting outside of Japan, almost like a small trend.
I'm an otaku to.. i love mangas and animes... they are someones.. really great...
at least is best than a soap opera... ejjjejej

Otaku=fan You will often hear anime fans referred to as "otaku." There's some interesting history here. The Japanese word, written as a combination of the Chinese character for "house" and the honorific prefix o- ,can be translated as "your honorable house." It is an exceedingly polite way of saying "you" when addressing another person in conversation. For man of the shy and socially inept young males who are anime and manga fans in Japan, such a distancing and formal way of speaking to others became a common affectation. The writer Akio Nakamori proposed in a column that the term be applied to the fans themselves. The usage stuck, and "otaku" is now used by the media to describe anyone who is highly obsessed with a particular subject, not just anime. These days fans all over the world are calling themselves otaku with pride. But there are also arguments among non-Japanese on internet groups over the "exact" meaning of the term, since the Japanese media sometimes use it to denote extreme-and dangerous-fixation.


If someone calls me something, oh well you cant offend me easily.. that shows your weak. Only when comeone puts their hands on me or makes a threat to me in a manner to where they have a weapon pointed at me. Then
i get offensive. So call me an otaku ill take it happily :)
Otaku : geek; nerd; enthusiast

I asked my japanese buddy if he was an otaku, just to see his reaction and he freaked out, almost like I was saying he had 5mins to live.
Haha, I am called a CAR Enthusiast all the time.. and people do not react when they see my car run 12.93's down the track, and also when top 5 in car shows.. It is quite a girl magnet so the geek/nerd part doesn't really go with enthusiast :)
So they call you the CAR Enthusiast, just because in English it makes you kool doesn't mean in Japanese it does.

Take this non educational example:

There's this kool car named Crosser, oh man it sounds kool in English but in French it means to jerk off so there you go your moment for zen
of course the nerds are proud of being called otaku when it just disgraces there dignity. sure anime is great( i still watch it from time to time) but some of the people that watch it just freak me out.
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