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Osaka versus Tokyo


8 Oct 2002
Someone says I must go to Osaka, to see a much different part of Japan, than Tokoyo

So what is the difference between;
--> TOKYO versus OSAKA

Is this like CHICAGO versus NEW-YORK-CITY ?

Chicago vs NYC? Sorry it's more like LA vs NYC.

I love Osaka and would do it all over again. But Tokyo has more things going for it especially if you're in Tech business and love super clubbing. Don't get me wrong Osaka is no bore. It's just the club Japan feel is in Tokyo.

Choice should also consider people (in general that is). Osakans are a wild rowdy bunch willing to strike a bargain even at Mickey D's. While Tokyoites are more of the drone sort.

Hanshin Tiger Baseball alone would make the Osaka choice a good one too.
If your some old lady who likes old lady stuff then you'll love osaka, it's like digging through tokyo's trash ooooooo.....

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